Create your own GPT powered assistant
Haelo is safe, reliable and hallucination free

Learning is now thinking about the right questions to ask

Imagine having a safe, intelligent online teaching and learning assistant that –

  • You control and customise with content chosen by you
  • Curates content from multiple sources that you know and trust
  • Responds to student questions without hallucination 
  • Tracks student interactions to understand the level of thinking 
  • Drives assessment with revision questions that auto answer 
  • Auto-grades short and long answer questions, suggesting improvements 
  • Helps students lift their understanding from Remembering to Analysing at a pace set by them

If you can imagine this, you can use Haelo today in your classroom. 


Trusted content, aligned curriculum and engaged teachers and learners 

Three key elements drive teaching and learning outcomes. When they work in harmony, the results are sensational.

Haelo combines trusted content with aligned curriculum to engage learners in a safe space, using the latest GPT technology. 

Create a foundation of safe learning, inquiry and discovery through your very own GPT chat. 


Use your content to drive GPT powered learning

The hard question for GPT is always "Where did it get that information from?" The true answer is "We don't really know, we hope it will be ok."

Scribo Collections make it easy for schools and educators to use GPT technology to grow learning experiences from collections of reliable content sources that you link. 

It's easy, fast and safe for both teachers and students.

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